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Experience precision –
stamped and bent parts

We are the professionals when it comes to stamped and bent parts! Manufacturing and advice through Plock Menden GmbH & Co. KG.
We have long years of experience in the production of stamped and bent parts in all serial sizes.

Our workshop also specialises in the planning and designing of prototypes.

We design and produce complete stamping tools for the toolmaking segment and supply the required quantity of stamping bending parts to customers that wish to take delivery of the finished product.
An extensive automation of the production also makes it possible to manufacture large series fast and with a precision.

The core competences of our certified company are:

  • Stamping technology: production of punched parts and bent parts in large series
  • Toolmaking: the design and manufacturing of high-performance stamping tools
  • Feeding technology: feeding of the punched parts and bent parts by means of special feeding technology
  • Prototype construction: complicated hand samples of stamped parts and bent parts


Feeding technology

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